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We solve Big Data problems and transform data into valuable insights

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In this world dominated by data, we put together our resources to provide maximum customer data collected, processed and analyzed at one place. All this data is available either in raw format or processed via an API. We understand the pain of collecting data from multiple sources and putting them together, so we provide eventags to have them all in one place and retrieve them easily in your desired format.

Our team has a unique blend of technology and business enthusiasts, who understand your needs. We aspire to build an insightful future empowering Big Data transformation to value. Visit our website to know more about us and what we do.

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Data solves problems,
it itself should not be one.

Pablo Enciso Founder and CEO

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How to enhance your lead scoring system?

Lead scoring systems can get complicated when they process data from a standard data source or multiple sources. Collating information from different data sources with insufficient insights may compromise score accuracy and affect the business results. No matter whether the business is B2B or B2C, it is essential to keep the scoring system highly reliable at all times. Slight errors may have negative impact and lead to non-profitable cases.
To avoid such scenarios, it is essential that the data source provides sufficient insights and relevance to the business. It becomes far much simpler to perform the scoring if data relevance is assured. Additionally, getting all the data from one source plays a vital role since the errors in matching them against multiple sources are reduced to minimum.

eventags, a SOAP API application solves these problems by providing relevant information for lead scoring systems and providing them all at one place. It's much easier to access them all together and perform analysis without the need to compare them or check their relevance. With a team having intensive experience with lead scoring systems, eventags provides exactly what is needed for this business. Moreover, the convenience of data retrieval and formatting allows clients to perform their own analysis or run customized algorithms on their data. It's only going to get better!

Can Big Data improve Lead Scoring?

We often underestimate the power of technology. In the present world, technology resembles growth and any business not keeping up with the latest technology has suffered the consequences. Big Data is one such technology helping businesses in many different industries, but can it do any good to the Lead Scoring Systems?

The answer is "Yes, it can!". The eventags API proves how Big Data can change the face of Lead Scoring Systems. With an infrastructure involving cloud based application, distributed database and bigQuery resources, clients can retrieve enourmous amount of data quickly and perform their desired analysis in their own systems to update the scoring system in real time. Not only can they retrieve data, they can perform calculations while fetching data or even perform a partial analysis while the data is being fetched.

The implementation of big data and superior technical resources will not only uplift the performance of the scoring system, but also maintain the precision and accuracy of the algorithms applied. The lead scoring businesses can grow much faster with the help of superior technical support and relevant data sources.

You can have data without information,
but you cannot have information without data. - Daniel Keys Moran

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